Rijst Tafel ( Rice Table )

Below are some menu samples, ranging from a simple luncheon to the full blown traditional “rijsttafel”.

Gevulde Speculaas

Dutch almond filled spiced cake                   If there

AmandelStaaf (Almond Roll)

Just to show that this site is not exclusively about Indo food, here is a recipe

Spekkoek (Lapis Legit)

A legacy of Dutch colonialism, this “thousand layer cake” is often served after the rijsttafel but


A Indonesian sweet. Ingredients: 3 oz Corn starch 6 oz Goela Djawa ( Palm Sugar )


Serundeng is a mixture of grated coconut, peanuts, onions and spices. It is sprinkled over your

Atjar Bening

Mixed vegetable pickle. Ingredients:   1 cucumber 1 big carrot 2 big onions 3 red chillies

Sambal Ulek

Sambal Ulek – Also know as Sambal Oelek, is the most basic of sambals. Although many

Sambal Badjak

This recipe was posted by René in my Guestbook. She got the recipe from her friend

Sambal Trassi

With Shrimp paste. Ingredients: 20 red Chillies or Lomboks. 2 teaspoons Salt. 1 teaspoon ground Trassi.