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henk1This site was build be me, Henk Hardendood, purely as a hobby and exercise in HTML and CSS programming 
It also seemed the ideal opportunity to indulge in my second interest, cooking and Indonesian food, and the chance to share out my knowledge and recipes. 
The site quickly got an identity of its own and now takes up a lot of my spare time but I really appreciate the feedback I get from my visitors and have made many friends through it. 
I’m not claiming that my recipes are as “authentic” as those served in Indonesia but the results are equally good and can be prepared in any kitchen without the use of any special equipment. 
I learned most I know about Indonesian food as a (Chief) Steward in the Royal Netherlands Navy where there still is a great tradition of serving Indonesian style food, especially the world famous “Rijsttafel”, going back to the days Indonesia was part of the Dutch colonial empire. 
After I married and left the navy, we moved to Bristol in England. Indonesian food was largely unknown here and if a wanted to satisfy my desire for Indo food, I had to cook it myself with the ingredients available in England. This was not as easy in the early 1980’s and it’s from this period I started to write up most of my recipes. Things have improved a lot since then, and most, if not all, ingredients are now readily available in supermarkets, Asian shops and the Internet.


Moving to England also forced on me a change of carrier, as the wages in the food industry were really low and the hours very unsociable. I now earn my living by driving a 44 ton articulated lorry (That’s a semi to you Americans) for DHL and deliver to Sainsburys Supermarkets in the South-West of England.sainsburys_truck


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